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Upcoming ISTP Meeting

The next ISTP Conference (Sacramento, United States of America) is postponed for May-June 2022.

Due to COVID-19, we postponed our in-person conference in Sacramento, California to May 16-20th2022. That said, we are looking forward to launching “Part 1” of our conference program online in June 2021 with presentations from four exciting keynote presenters:oRegina Langhout, University of California Santa CruzoPeter Pál Pelbart, Pontifical Catholic University of São PaulooAlexander Sidorkin, California State University SacramentooPuleng Segalo, University of South Africa.

This year's conference theme is “Building Community: Theoretical Psychology in the Service of Social Issues.” Our goal is to bring together theoretical psychologists with other scholars, students, professionals, and community members to discuss various questions pertaining to what community engagement means and looks like in the current era, as well as how theoretical psychology in particular can play a role in building knowledge and research practices to address contemporary social issues.  As always, we also welcome other contributions on topics related to theoretical psychology.   

The deadline for the ISTP Call for Proposals is fast approaching! We invite you to submit proposals for creative session formats, including keynote conversations, community engaged sessions, virtual salons, and more!

All submissions are due on October 1st, 2021.

Extended Deadline! November 1st, 2021 11:59 PM

Please see the ISTP 2022 Conference website to access:

  1. Conference times, details, and all future updates
  2. Call for Proposals & Submissions portal (where you can find information about all session formats and make your submission!)
  3. Pre-recorded video presentations from our 2022 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Regina Langhout, Dr. Peter Pál Pelbart, Dr. Puleng Segalo, and Dr. Alexander Sidorkin.


We look forward to your submissions, and we encourage you to share this email with your colleagues, students, and collaborators! 

Open calls for the next Conference

Our next biannual Conference to be held in Sacramento is approaching fast and we also want to bring your attention to the opening of calls for awards that might interest you.

The first one is the Student Travel Award that covers the registration of Postgraduate students at the next ISTP online Conference held in Sacramento the next May. Submit your application materials to Antonia Larrain (, Chair of the Student Travel Awards Committee, by March 31st, 2022.

Second, Postgraduate Students who give papers at the conference (under the conditions laid out in this document) are eligible to submit their papers in advance for consideration for the Sigmund Koch Award for best Conference presentation from a Postgraduate. The written papers should be submitted to Tania Zittoun (, Chair of the Sigmund Koch Award Committee, by April 30th, 2022.

Third, scholars who do not receive sufficient funding for attendance at conferences are eligible to get financial support for the registration at the next ISTP Conference. Please submit your application materials to James Cresswell (, ISTP treasurer and chair of the Comittee, by April 15h.

Past ISTP Biennial Meetings

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 19-23, 2019 (Ditte Winther-Lindqvist, Chair)

Tokyo, Japan, August 21-25, 2017 (Tetsuya Kono, Chair)

Coventry, UK, June 26-30, 2015 (Gavin Sullivan, Chair)

Sullivan, G. B., Cresswell, J., Ellis, B. et al. (Eds.) Resistance and Renewal in Theoretical PsychologyConcord, ON: Captus Press. ISBN 978-1-55322-352-8

Santiago, Chile, May 3-7, 2013 (Antonia Larrain and Andres Haye, Co-chairs)

A short video, prepared by Basia Ellis (a graduate student at the University of Calgary), of some of the conference participants' reflections on the conference can be found here.

Cresswell, J., Haye, A., Larrain, A., Morgan, M., & Sullivan, G. (2015). Dialogue and debate in the making of theoretical psychology.  Concord, ON: Captus Press. ISBN 978-1-55322-328-3.

Thessaloniki, Greece, June 27-July 1, 2011 (Athanasios Marvakis, Chair)

This conference took place during a tense and difficult time for the city of Thessaloniki and the people of Greece. At the Business Meeting, members of the Society agreed by majority to issue a statement in support of the people of Greece, who were strongly protesting their government's austerity measures. Click here for the full statement and signatories.

For comments on the conference provided by some of the delegates, click on the link to this VIDEO.

Marvakis, A., Motzkau, J., Painter, D., Ruto-Korir, R., Sullivan, G., Triliva, S., & Wieser, M. (2013). Doing psychology under new conditions. Concord, ON: Captus Press. ISBN 978-1-55322-279-8.

Nanjing, China, May 15-19, 2009 (Ye Haosheng, Chair) 

Stenner, P., Cromby, J., Motzkau, J., Yen, J., & Haosheng, Y. (2011). Theoretical psychology: Global transformations and challenges.Concord, ON: Captus Press. ISBN 978-1-55322-240-8.

Toronto, Canada, June 18-22, 2007 (Thomas Teo, Chair)

Teo, T., Stenner, P., Rutherford, A., Park, E., & Baerveldt, C. (Eds.). (2009). Varieties of theoretical psychology: International Philosophical and Practical Concerns. Concord, ON: Captus Press. ISBN 978-1-55322-206-4.

Cape Town, South Africa, June 20-24, 2005 (Vasi van Deventer, Chair)

Van Deventer, V., Tere Blanche, M., Fourie, E., & Segalo, P. (Eds.). (2007). Citizen city: Between constructing agent and constructed agency. Toronto: Captus University Publications. ISBN 978-1-55322-164-7.

Istanbul, Turkey, June 22-27, 2003 (Aydan Gülerce, Chair)

Gulerce, A., Hofmeister, A., Staeuble, I., Saunders, G., & Kaye, J. (Eds.). (2005). Contemporary theorizing in psychology: Global perspectives. Toronto: Captus University Publications. ISBN 1-55322-109-5.

The 10th Biennial Conference of International Society for Theoretical Psychology was held in Istanbul on 22-27 June 2003
The following was a statement of the aims of the conference: As the 10th biennial meeting of the ISTP, this anniversary conference aims to constitute a facilitating platform for reflections and forward-looking discussions in all important areas in theoretical psychology. Therefore, no particular main theme has been selected by the academic committee for the conference. As rapid transformations of our world, due in particular to globalization and particularization processes, for example, call upon theoretical psychologists for novel and socially relevant understandings, contributions on topics of interest advancing that aim are especially encouraged. These topics include, but are not limited to, cultural critiques; feminist critiques; gender and globalization; metatheoretical reflections; new agendas for the 21st century; politics of psychological knowledge; psychological theory and social practice in complex societies; psychology and interdisciplinarity; sociohistorical insights; and understanding and dealing with diversity. The participation will be in the form of keynote addresses, invited panels, symposia, thematic paper and poster sessions, and a special event. The site of the 2003 conference is at the crossroads of many cultural, sociopolitical and religious worlds. We expect colorful and productive dialogues between the colleagues from all around the world.

Calgary, Canada, June 3-8, 2001 (Hank Stam and Lorraine Radtke, Co-Chairs)

Stephenson, N., Radtke, H.L., Jorna, R., & Stam, H.J. (Eds.). (2003). Theoretical psychology: Critical contributions. Toronto: Captus University Publications. ISBN 1-5532-055-2.

Sydney, Australia, April 25-28, 1999 (Valerie Walkerdine, Chair)

Morss, J.R., Stephenson, N., & van Rappard, H. (Eds.). (2001). Theoretical issues in psychology. Boston/Dordrecht/London: Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 0-7923-7337-5.

Berlin, Germany, April 27-May 2, 1997 (Wolfgang Maiers, Chair)

Maiers, W., Bayer, B., Esgalhado, B.D., Jorna, R., & Schraube, E. (Eds.). (1999). Challenges to theoretical psychology. Toronto: Captus University Publications. ISBN 1-896691-75-7.

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, May 21-26, 1995 (Fran Cherry and Warren Thorngate, Co-Chairs)

Tolman, C.W., Cherry, F., van Hezewijk, R., & Lubek, I. (Eds.). (1996). Problems of theoretical psychology. Toronto: Captus University Publications. ISBN 1-89691-17-X.

Bierville, France, April 25-30, 1993 (Erika Apfelbaum, Chair)

Lubek, I., van Hezewijk, R., Pheterson, G., & Tolman, C.W. (Eds.). (1995). Trends and issues in theoretical psychology. New York: Springer Publishing Co. ISBN 0-8261-8810-9.

Clark University, Worcester, USA, June 24-28, 1991 (Bernie Kaplan, Chair)

Stam, H.J., Mos, L.J., Thorngate, W., & Kaplan, B. (Eds.). (1993). Recent trends in theoretical psychology. Vol. III. New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN 0-387-97963-8; 3-540-97311-8.

Arnhem, The Netherlands, April 17-21, 1989 (Hans van Rappard and René van Hezewijk, Co-Chairs)

Baker, W.J., Hyland, M.E., van Hezewijk, R., & Terwee, S. (Eds.). (1990). Recent trends in theoretical psychology. Vol. II. New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN 0-387-97311-7; 3-540-97311-7.

Banff, Canada, April 20-25, 1987 (Leo Mos, Chair)

Baker, W.J., Mos, L.P., van Rappard, H.J., & Stam, H.J. (Eds.). (1988). Recent trends in theoretical psychology. New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN 0-387-96757-5; 3-540-96757-5.

Plymouth, UK, Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 1985 (Michael Hyland, Chair): Founding Conference

Baker, W.J., Hyland, M.E., van Rappard, H.J., & Staats, A.W. (Eds.). (1987). Current issues in theoretical psychology. Amsterdam: North Holland/Elsevier. ISBN 0-444-70120-6.

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