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The ISTP publishes the proceedings of the ISTP bi-annual conferences (with Captus Press), , as well as a newsletter twice a year. It is also associated with the journal Theory & Psychology. All ISTP members receive full access to the e-version of Theory and Psychology. To access the journal, please log in first. The page “Theory & Psychology” will then appear in the menu “Publications”, redirecting you towards the publisher’s website. 

All the information about the conference proceedings can be found below. 

Conference proceedings

For a Table of Contents of the 2003-2011 proceedings volumes, click

Available from Captus Press with select volumes available for download using the links provided:

  • Resistance and Renewal in Theoretical Psychology (Sullivan, Cresswell, Ellis, et al., 2017)

  • Dialogue and Debate in the Making of Theoretical Psychology  (Cresswell, Haye, Larrain, Morgan, & Sullivan, 2015)

  • Doing Psychology under New Conditions (Marvakis, Motzkau, Painter, Ruto-Korir, Sullivan, Triliva, & Wieser, 2013)

  • Theoretical Psychology: Global Transformations and Challenges (Stenner, Cromby, Motzkau, Yen & Haosheng, 2011):  Download the pdf 2011 Volume

  • Varieties of Theoretical Psychology: International Philosophical and Practical Concerns (Teo, Stenner, Rutherford, Park, & Baerveld, 2009):  Download the pdf 2009 Volume

  • Citizen City: Between Constructing Agent and Constructed Agency (van Deventer, Terre Blanche, Fourie, & Segalo, 2007):  Download the pdf 2007 Volume

  • Contemporary Theorizing in Psychology: Global Perspectives (Gulerce, Hofmeister, & Staeuble, 2005):  Download the pdf 2005 Volume

  • Theoretical Psychology: Critical Contributions (Stephenson, Radtke, Jorna, & Stam, 2003): Download the pdf 2003 Volume

  • Challenges to Theoretical Psychology (Maiers, Bayer, Esgalhado, Jorna, & Schraube, 1999) 

  • Problems of Theoretical Psychology (Tolman, Cherry, van Hezewijk, & Lubek, 1996)

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